the time keeper by Mitch Albom Reader’s Journal

A Reader’s Journal

This book has really short chapters, at most the longest chapter is two pages. The good things is, the book is split into parts, I will make 12 journal entries as there are 12 parts to the book. The pages aren’t even that big and the font is pretty large. In the beginning of the book the narrator explains each character’s life in separate chapters. Later however each character’s life intertwines and then start to relate to each other. The book is told in 3rd person and it continues to be narrated that way until the end of the book where the author explains his thoughts about the book.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Prologue: Chapter 1

Judging from the prologue and the book cover, this book is about time and how the main characters of the book desire to have more. The main characters of the book are introduced, these characters are:

Sarah Lemon – one of the voices that father time hears, she does not seem to like her body. I get the impression that she is stressing about a boy and what she is going to wear.

A teenager in our day… tonight she will see him. Tonight at eight-thirty. She recites it excitedly — Eight-thirty,eight-thirty!–and she wonders what to wear. The black jeans? The sleeveless top? No. She hates her arms. Not the sleeveless. “I need more time,” she says. (pg. 3)

Victor Delamonte – the other voice that father time hears, he’s sick , he has kidney cancer. He does not seem to have a lot of time left.

A wealthy man in his mid-eighties he sits in a doctor’s office… The doctor speaks softly. “There’s not much we can do,” he says. Months of treatment have not worked. The tumors. The kidneys. “What Grace wants to ask is.. how much time do I have left?” ( pg. 4)

Father time – In this book, Father time is real and he controls time, he also does not age. The prologue gives a hint of how he became father time and what his job is, in all of the things happening.

Once, before he angered God, he was just another man, fated to die when his days were done… he must listen to the world’s every plea–for more minutes, more hours, more years, more time. He has been here an eternity. He has given up hope. But a clock ticks for all of us, silently, somewhere. And one is ticking even for him. Soon father Time will be free. To return to Earth. And finish what he started. (pg. 4)


They are the voices of people on

They want one thing only.

Time. (pg. 3)

Thoughts and Questions: So for sure this book is about time and how people tend to either want more time or less time. I don’t understand what made God feel anger towards him, why was God angry at him? how did he come to control time? what did he start?


The Beginning: Dor’s arc (Chapters 2,4,6,7,9, 12, 13, 15)

Setting: The story starts in the beginning of time, at the dawn of man’s history. When the world was still young and the concept of time has not been invented yet.

Characters :


  • God is watching him. He seems to like Alli very much.

Dor is gentle, an obedient child, but his mind goes deeper than those around him. He is different. And on this early page of man’s story, one different child can change the world. ( p. 7 )

  • As he became a teenager he realizes that he loves Alli more and more. He has also realized that he would rather count, measure and run up the hills with Alli than help his older brothers hunt.
  • As he ages a few more years, he decided to marry Alli and he felt happy.
  • As he ages another few more years, he invents more measurements but it would not be credited to him.
  • He does not notice that the more he counts, the less aware he becomes of his wife and the beauty that surrounds him.


  • She also like Dor but she does not know it yet because she is still young.
  • She grew more beautiful in Dor’s eyes and to every man in their town.

…her mother warned her to keep her dark hair braided and her eyes lowered, lest her fairness encourage the bad desires of men. Humility became Alli’s cocoon.

  • She grew more withdrawn when they left the village, maybe she realizes that Dor is hopeless. I think she has just grown very depressed.


  • I think he has a strong personality as a child.

He is tackled from behind by a third child, Nim, a boy much larger and stronger. Nim crows as he puts a knew in Dor’s back. (p.8)

  • He grows up to be tall and strong and he liked it.

He carried mud brickks for his father, a builder. He liked that he was stronger than other boys. Power became Nim’s fascination. (p. 9)

  • His wish became true and he became king, I think that his thirst for Power would increase and this would bring him to ruin.



  • Dor was the first man to begin counting. He started counting when he was still young.
  • Only humans keep track of time, animals do not keep track of time.

Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creatures endures. A fear of time running out. (p. 8)

  • Dor, Nim and Alli grew up and their interest now varies. Dor to counting, Alli became more modest and Nim grew to love Power.
  • Dor discovers how to measure time and began marking it, thus the beginning of time started at that moment.
  • Dor sees a mysterious man appear and disappear out of nowhere and he became scared.
  • Dor never became rich but his brother, Nim did. Nim became king.
  • Nim visits Dor to invite him to fight with him against the heavens. Nim has built a tower that will be the staircase to heaven. The tower would be the road connecting his army and the Gods.
  • Dor refuses, he finds his time more valuable and Nim’s desire foolish. He moves far from his village so that he wouldn’t be enlisted for Nim’s army.
  • Dor measured day and night and God saw this.
  • Nim became a powerful king, and he finished his tower.
  • Visitors visited Dor and Alli, they hosted them but Alli contracted a disease from the visitors. Alli became sick.
  • Ali dies, Dor is heartbroken, he runs to Nim’s tower and hopes to reach the heavens. Dor hopes to stop time.

He ran through the morning and he ran through the midday sun. He ran with his lungs burning, until, at last, he saw it…The heavens. He would climb the tower and do what the gods had not. He would make time stop. (p. 39)


Consider the word “time.” We use so many phrases with it. Pass time. Waste time. Kill time. Lose time. In good time. About time… There are as many expression with “time: as theere are minutes in a day . But once, there was no word for it at all. Because no one was counting. Then Dor began. And everything changed.” (p. 18)

“Dor?” Alli whispered.

he did not look up.


She pulled her arms around her knees what would become of them? she thought. Where would they go? She lowered her head and squeezed her eyes shut. If one were recording history, one might write that at the moment man invented the world’s first clock, his wife was alone, softly crying while he was consumed by the count. (p. 25)

Dor is so dumb, I think that he is selfish. It is because of him that he and his family are getting kicked out of his village. Although Nim and Dor have come to lead very different lives they are both selfish in their own way. They only care about themselves and their wishes. Nim only cares about power and Dor only cares about his counting and measurements. Dor has forgotten that he still has a duty to his wife. He says things that he will protect her but in reality he has not fulfilled any of his promises. I think Alli is so patient, Dor is so lucky to have her. Alli is so understanding and patient while Dor is so oblivious and preoccupied. 

Please do not leave me, he thought. He could not bear a world without Alli. He realized how much he relied on her from morning until night. She was his only conversation. His only smile. She prepared their meager food and always offered it to him first, even though he insisted she eat before he did. They leaned on each other at sunsets. Holding her as they slept felt like his last connection to humanity. (p. 37)

“Try to imagine a life without timekeeping.

You probably can’t. You know the month, the year, the day of the week. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule, a calendar, a time for dinner
or a movie.

Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does  not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays.

Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures.

A fear of time running out.” (pg. 8)

Literary Devices:

Foreshadowing – a hint of how Dor does not notice anything else going on around his village. He only notices his measurements.

Had he been wiser, he might have marveled at the beauty of the sunrise and given thanks for being able to witness it. But Dor was not focusing on the miracle of the day, only on measuring its length. As the sun appeared, he slid the lower bowl away from the upper bowl’s dripping, took a sharp stone, and notched the waterline. (p. 25)

Symbolism – Wasps, it often signifies that something bad is going to happen in the futture.

The fly returned.

Dor swatted it again. Only this time it stretched into a long, black strip, which opened into a pocket of darkness.

Out stepped an old man in a draped white robe.

Dor’s eyes widened in fear. He tried to run, to scream, but nothing in his body responded.

The old man held a staff of golden wood. He poked Dor’s sun stick and it rose from the dirt and turned into a string of wasps. The wasps created a new line of darkness, which opened like a pulled curtain.

The old man stepped through it. And he was gone. (pg. 12)

Biblical Allusion – The tower of Babel (p. 39-40)

Conflict: Man vs. Man

There is conflict between Dor and Nim. They are considered to be brothers but their interests differ greatly. Nim wants to rule and be the most powerful of all while Dor is more simple. Dor just wants to measure stuff and be with Alli. When Nim asks Dor to join his army to defeat the heavens, Dor refuses.  This creates conflict between the two brothers, Nim asks Dor to move away or else he’ll get caught up in the “battle”. Dor tries to argue back but realizes that its futile Nim threatens him that if he stays he will be forced to be a slave to him. Since he knows he has no power he quietly backs away and moves out of his village.

The tower of Babel

Big Questions:

Who is the old man that appeared out of nowhere? Why did he show himself to Dor?

I think that man is God because every few chapters, the author reminds me that God is always watching Dor. The author has not dropped any other hints pertaining to another character so I’m pretty sure it is God. Maybe God wanted Dor to stop counting because it may have been like an Adam and the apple situation. Curiosity killed the cat kind of thing. What’s weird though is that all I can do is assume in this part. The old man had not said anything for me to get any hints about his view about Dor. But because in the prologue the author said that Dor angered God and I think he might have angered God by counting and measuring time. Time might have been the power of the gods yet Dor possessed the understanding of it.

Why does man always try to rule everything?

I don’t seem to understand why man always try to be Gods or try to rule over everyone and everything that they see. I mean I do not understand the need or thirst for control by some people. I guess in this book, Nim wanted to rule everyone including the Gods because he is trying to impress someone or make himself feel better. In real life, I feel like people who are happy and content don’t try to opress anybody or control anyone because they have everything that they need. I think that people who try to control and manipulate other people always seem to missing something in their life. Maybe people do this because it gives them a temporary taste of happiness or completeness that they savagely search for all their life.

The Beginning : Sarah and Victor’s Arc ( Chapter  3,5,8,10,11,14)

Setting: Sarah is in her room stressing about her date. Victor is in his office scheming for immortality.

 Sarah Lemon

  • Her parents are divorced, she lives with her mom.
  • I think she is overthinking what she is going to wear. If the guy was really there for her, I don’t think it should matter much. Like she could be wearing pjs and it wouldve been fine if the guy is cool about her. She shouldn’t need to impress the guy, I think that she is fine the way she looks.

Victor Delamonte

  • He reminisces the days before he had tumors, and before his kidney failed.
  • I reminisce about a lot of things just like Victor, I think Its funny because I identify more with the older character in this book instead of Sarah. I don’t really stress out about what I’m going to wear, sometimes I do, but never for a boy. People either take me as I am or leave me be. Life is just less stressful that way.


  • Victor and Sarah have not met each other.
  • Sarah and Victor fear that time is running out. For Victor he fears that his time living is running out, for Sarah, she fears that she might be late and ugly for her date.
  • Sarah continues to ignore her mother who seems concerned for her.
  • Victor lost his love and fun with his wife.

They have been married forty-four years. The last ten they’ve been more like roommates. (pg. 28)

  • Sarah and Victor are anxious about time.
  • Sarah wants time to go slower, Victor wants time to go faster
  • They are both running out of time.
  • Sarah and her mom used to be close now they’re not. They drifted apart.


  • Immortality – Victor does not want to die yet, so he asks one of his researchers to research how he can live longer.

He thinks about Grace and the wheelchair she ordered. He will not give up so easily.

“I want you to get on something right away. Send me whatever you find.”

“Certainly.” The researcher taps her keys. “What’s the topic?”

“Immortality.” (pg. 23)

Thoughts and Big Questions:

If given the chance would you take up immortality and have the chance to live forever?

My answer would be yes and no. Yes, just because I think that it would be interesting because I get to see everything that is going to happen in the future. I can do stuff and I won’t die like for example, jumping off a cliff or climbing Mt. Everest without the need for an oxygen tank. I would feel superhuman and I guess I would have the satisfaction of knowing that whatever I do I won’t die. I can read forever and have eons to learning everything that I would like to learn and maybe memorize it too. However, I think that there are some things that I probably won’t like if I were to live forever. It might mean that I have to repeat high school over and over again. I’ll see my parents and the people I love die because chances are they are not immortal. I won’t have a choice but witness the different types of crimes against humanity that I think will happen inevitably. But I would lean more to the Yes part of immortality if and only if the people close to me are immortal too.

Cave: Chapter 17 -23

Setting: After Alli just died, Dor is in a cave. Sarah and Victor go on with their daily lives.



Dor – at the end of this part, he is beginning to see the misery that time is causing man. He is beginning to hate the one thing that he used to love, time (pg. 62)

Sarah Lemon –  She is very smart as she ranks third in her class. A loner, because she never really fitted in properly. Everyone thinks she’s weird or too smart that’s why no one ever hangs with her. She adores Ethan but she does not think she has a chance on him.

She ate lunch by herself, walked home by herself, and spent most evenings in the house with her mother, unless Lorraine had plans with the clacking women Sarah referred to as “the divorce club.” Then Sarah ate alone by her computer. (pg. 49)

Victor Delamonte –  He is the 14th richest man in the world. His dad was killed in a fight in a bar while her mom committed suicide shortly. He is patient and tedious and that is how he became rich. His motto is, ” No attachments for it will only kill you.” Wow, this was a surprise, if my parentss died like that I might end up just like Victor.  That would probably be my motto too.


  • Dor is depressed, he failed to stop time and save his wife, Alli.
  • Dor meets the old man again. The old man is a servant of God. The old man pronounces that Dor will not age a moment in the cave.
  • The old man describes that in the cave, Dor learns of the concept of time which he has created.
  • The old mentions that time gives man misery, he also says that Dor will stay imprisoned in the cave,not aging, listening to the misery that time creates.
  • Sarah thinks that her life revolves around Ethan and that it is fate and destiny that they came to know each other based on the books that she had read.
  • Victor and his wife used to be so in love, now they are not.

“In time, the marriage felt like something spilled. Grace chafed at Victor’s impatience, his penchant for correcting people, his reading during meals, and his willingness to interrupt any social occasion for  business call…They shared coffee in the mornings and the occasional restaurant at night, but as the years passed and their wealth stacked like chips around them- their life together felt more like a duty. The wife played her role, the husband did the same.” (pg. 54)

  • Victor has a tumour in the liver and he has a surprise for death.
  • Dor is serving his sentence in the cave, he hears the pleas of people about time.
  • Ethan stood up Sarah, he says that he has somewhere to go.

Victor realizes that he cannot win against cancer. He knows that conventional treatments won’t save him and he does not intend on waiting for a miracle to occur. He realizes that he cannot beat death but he can probably outlast it by freezing himself. (pg. 60)

  • While serving his sentence Dor discovers how time has ruined man’s lives and this is driving him crazy.

Literary Devices:

Foreshadowing – (pg. 46) The quote foreshadows the misery and despair that man will share with the knowledge of time.


“Soon man will count all his days, and then smaller segments of the day, and then smaller still—until the counting consumes him, and the wonder of the world he has been given is lost.” (pg.  46)

See pages 61-62 to see every human desire for time.

Thoughts and Big Questions:

I think this part is kind of boring, its just a set-up part. The good things might happen in the next part. I am beginning to like Victor as a character, I like his character better than Sarah because he wants something and he is not afraid to take it. I doubt he can cheat death and stuff but I still think that this will not really change anything that is going to happen to him. I’m still not feeling any sparks with this book, I don’t think I’m at the point where I am emotionally and mentally attached yet which means that I probably still don’t like this book. Compared to the hunger games, where I lived and breathed the pages and had post-depression after reading. I still think that this book has not tugged at my heart-strings yet.

Why should we care and get attached to other people even though we know that nothing ever lasts?

Nothing ever lasts in this world but I guess we care anyways and love anyways because we are human. I’ve transferred school so many times that I first hand know that none of the people I meet will stay in my life for long but I care anyways and I stay loyal to them anyways because it is love. Love is a big part of human life without it my life would probably be just an empty shell. There are different kinds of love, some love are much more meaningful and stronger than others but it is what makes my life go around. Although sometimes it is the same thing that makes me not want to wake up the next day, it is also something that makes me want to live longer and enjoy more of the lovely little things in life.

The In-Between: Chapters 24-28

Setting: Sarah and Ethan are in the warehouse. Victor visits the cryonics lab where he might be residing.


Sarah Lemon – her “love” for Ethan continues to grow

Lorraine Lemon – She is Sarah’s mom, she is worried for Sarah. She misses the days where Sarah and her used to be so close. She misses the days when Sarah relied on her for support. (pg 71)

Grace– Victor’s wife, she is opposed to anything that meddles with fate. I think that she is wiser than her husband Victor, even though Victor was the one who grew their money. I think that she is wise to not meddle with fate, I think that people should just leave things as they are.

Victor Delamonte -I think that he is the only man who wants to die alone, because I do not want to die alone even though I am prepared to die alone. He is a rare case because I do not think that anyone really wants to die alone. I think that it is also weird on how he does not want any visitors after his death.


  • Sarah sees Ethan at the homeless shelter. She asks what happened with their meet-up.
  • Ethan answers with wrong timing.
  • Victor sees the cryogenics lab, he is somehow put off. He decides that he can’t beat his disease in his life time so he’ll wait to be reborn in the future and somehow have the advance technology of the future cure him.
  • He decides to do things alone, his wife does not need to know any of his future plans.
  • Dor is going crazy in the cave. He did nothing as the voices of people desiring for more or less time echoed in the cave.
  • Dor reminisces the old times with his family and tries to remember it that he starts carving on the walls of the cave.
  • Dor will soon be free as heaven meets earth.

Themes and Literary Devices:

Flashback – Grace remembers the time when he and Victor used to be so in love. Victor does not remember or even miss the times he and his wife enjoyed together.

She remembered a time when he’d kiss her at the door, lift her a few inches off the ground and spoil her with questions..she said she wished she’d met him earlier in life, and he said, ” Were gonna make up for that. We’re gonna live a long time together.” She reminded herself there were moments like that once, and that she had to be patient now, more compassionate; she could not know what he was feeling inside-the dwindling days, the impending death. However cranky or he got, she was determined to make the little time they had left more like the start of their life together, and less like the vast joyless middle. (pg. 72)

Depression – Being alone has made Dor feel isolated and depressed. In the cave he is alone, but he hears all these voices. These voices remind him of Ali, which makes him yearn for interaction with his family or to anyone.

But inside, Dor was broken. Not aging is not the same as living, and without human contact, his soul dried up.. His mind dulled from inactivity. His hair and beard grew comically long, as did the nails of his fingers and toes…He wanted desperately to hold on to every memory like that. He squeezed his eyes shut to recall every detail. Until finally, at some unmarked point in his purgatory, Dor shook the lethargy of his darkness, sharpened the edge of a small rock, and began to carve on walls. (pg. 69-70)


Victor is so consumed of getting more time and cheating death that he does not notice the good things going on around him. I think that this is one consequence of counting time. Grace is doing her best trying to be a good wife and a good friend to Victor but Victor is too busy trying to extend his life that he does not notice this. I’d give kudos to Grace for being such a good wife and a friend to Victor but I feel like Victor has to stop and reflect on what he has because he wants to die alone and he only cares about himself. I think that Victor has forgotten how lucky he is to have Grace as his wife. Victor wants time to slow down for him but for the wrong reasons.

I feel sorry for Lorraine because she has lost time with her child ever since the divorce. Yes, they do live together but they do not really interact and further their bond together as mother and child. I think that it is her fault that she and Sarah drifted apart but she is the mom, she should really try her hardest to interact with her child. It is also partly Sarah’s fault because if she really wanted to bond with her mom she should at least try but she does not. Sarah is one of those typical teenagers who only cares about boys. Just like Victor I think Sarah should slow down and absorb and reflect on everything that is going on around her.

Big Question:

Do people immersed in western culture stop, think and reflect on their life enough?

Western culture too fast?

I think that western culture au contraire to the east is more fast paced. Western living  is more of going to work, socializing and then working at home. Where as people who live in the east, even though most are impoverish are happy and enjoy their daily lives. People who live in the west or the Americas are in my opinion more stressed just because they are so focused on getting something materialistic that nothing is ever enough. An example is money, people are so caught up in earning money that they forget about the good things happening to them. Which is kind of the opposite of what they are trying to achieve; these people try to acquire as much money as they can thinking that this would make them happy but in reality it makes them more depressed and stressed. Life is going too fast for some people immersed in western culture that they forget the simple good things in their life such as family, friends or even their favourite tea-cup.







Falling: Chapters 29-32

Setting: Dor is still in his cave and the old man just appeared in front of Dor. Sarah still wants to lure in Ethan and drives to the shelter. Victor is in the lab, arranging his death and how he is going to cheat death.


The old man –  he is pretty mysterious, the author does not really expand on his character except that he is the servant of God. In the book he is just a messenger that talks to Dor.

Dor – he is miserable,I guess being confined in a cave for hundreds or maybe thousands of years would really do a number to  his mentality. I think it’s like worse than being grounded. He is left to to think about what he has done in the cave and hear the misery that time created for people.

Sarah – I think that she needs to consult her mom more but then I could somehow relate with her because when I start to want something I can’t really see anything but the the thing that I want which is almost self-destructive.

Victor –  he is really determined to cheat death and wait out his disease, I think that this is futile just because whatever will happen will happen in the world.


  • The old man touched one of Dor’s drawings in the wall (a tear) and it turned into liquid. The old man put the tear between the stalactite and stalagmite and heaven met earth.
  • The two stalactite and stalagmite joined together and turned into an hour-glass.
  • The old man sends Dor to his mission.

“Find two souls on earth, one who wants too much time and one who wants too little. Teach them what you have learned.” (Pg 79)

  • Dor thinks that time is not worth it anymore and that it is too late.
  • The old man says that there is always a right time for everything.

The old man shook his head, ” It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be.” (pg. 79)

  • Sarah gets dolled up and impresses Ethan.
  • Victor plans to be frozen in one of the cryostat and just wait there until time passes and man develops a cure.
  • Dor listens for the voices of the two people and falls back to earth


“You marked the minutes,” the old man said. “But did you use them wisely? To be still? To cherish? To be grateful? To lift and be lifted?” (pg 79)

God not leaving Dor alone and always being there for him. (Pg. 80)


Earth:Chapter 33-39

Setting:Lorraine is in the mall thinking about her daughter, Grace is at home preparing Victor’s food. Dor arrived in a small Spanish town.


Lorraine – She has a lot of flashbacks about what she and her daughter, Sarah used to do before.

Grace – She is trying her best trying to prolong Victor’s life using organic foods but she does not forget to try and make Victor happy because she tries to do the little things.

Sarah – She displays her stupidity once again, I guess it is her first time feeling wanted. But the thing is she was always wanted by her mother and it annoys me that she fails to notice that. I guess we will only notice the things important to us when it is no longer with us.

Ethan – My impression of him almost changed but then he really was the typical selfish teenage boy. I actually don’t feel hate for him because he’s just a stupid boy but  Sarah should have known. I thought that she was smarter than that. As sad as it is, Ethan does not really like Sarah.

Dor – I like how he uses his power to learn more, I think that this is a benefit that anyone would want to have all the time in the world to just learn things.


  • Dor arrived in a small Spanish town, he noticed that he indeed could control time with the hourglass the old man gave him.
  • Sarah and Ethan finally meet up and they started making out. Sarah moves away because she felt uncomfortable and their “date” ended.
  • Dor could not fully stop time but he could slow it down. He used that power to learn about the current world.
  • Victor uses his money to speed up the process of him being frozen. (p. 100)
  • Dor hears the two people that he has to teach and he lands in New York.

Themes and Literary Devices:

Hope– Grace tries to do everything to keep their marriage and Victor longer. (p. 90)

– Sarah hopes that Ethan will love her and does love her back. (p. 96)

Immortality and foreshadowing- Victor thinks that not aging in the tank is a gift because he would have the time to wait for medicine to catch up to his disease. Dor says earllier that having time and not aging is a gift but old man says other wise.

In this cave, you will not age a moment

I deserve no such gift

It is not a gift. (p. 98)

Big Question:

If you had all the time and money in the world what would you do?

Now this is an easy answer. I don’t wonder about having all the time in the world because it somehow stresses me.  But If I did have all the time in the world I know that I would probably build a house that is a library. Cozy enough to be house yet comforting to be a library. I would probably spend all my days reading about stuff given that I don’t go blind first. If I lived in an alternate reality where everything is infinite, money. books, and eyesight I would just read and lounge around all day. Have a weekly book club meeting even. I also love tea so I would probably hire a tea making butler to talk to me and make me tea. I think that this would be quite pleasant if it does happen.

City: Chapters 40-54

Setting: Dor just arrived in New York, he just found the two people that he has to guide. Victor is still trying to make his death and Sarah is still head over heels over Ethan.


Dor – 100 points for Dor on being creepy. I guess he was lucky that Victor didn’t notice that it was Dor watching him from the opposite building. I find this very creepy, if this happened to me I would probably be on a paranoid run for weeks if I knew that someone was watching me from afar.

Sarah – She is a hopeless dreamer, I can’t help but just support her even though she is stupid. Stupidly in love I guess but I admire that she goes through with it and she is willing to take a risk based on one event (the make-out sesh with Ethan). Her attempts to give Ethan makes her look desperate. I feel bad she’s waiting on nothing. I bet something bad will happen soon. I think she’s getting way ahead of herself.

Victor –  Dor observes him and he concludes that:

Although a disease man might be frightened–or even grateful–this one seemed…angry. Or a better word. Impatient. (p. 125)

Grace – Grace displays a lot of her undying love for Victor it might not be as exciting as Sarah’s love but it is there. And it is heart-felt, it’s just Victor fails to notice which kind of annoys me. She is a strong woman and  a strong, she supports Victor in every decision he has no matter how hard it is for her.


  • Dor decided to wait for the people that he has to guide in a clock shop. The clock shop is where he decided to work.
  • Victor arrives in Dor’s clock shop and asks for the oldest time piece that they have.
  • Sarah heads to New York to buy Ethan a watch.
  • Victor acknowledges Dor’s knowledge of watches. Victor sees the watch and Dor agrees to do a check-up maintenance with the watch before Victor can take it home.
  • Sarah texts Ethan about the end of the world and she did not get a reply back.
  • Victor plans more of  his”death’. He aims to be as rich as he always was when gets revived.
  • Lawyer says that the laws in the present might be different from the laws of the future and they might not be able to protect Victor’s fortune.
  • Victor sees a man watching him from the opposite building. This made him feel uneasy.
  • Sarah arrives in Dor’s clockshop, she describes the watch and eventually told Dor about Ethan and their situation. Dor listens patiently.
  • Sarah gets the watch and says that she’s happy but Dor notices that she is actually sad.

“Yes! I am so happy.” The man tilted his head. ‘Then why are you so sad?” (p.121)

  • As Dor hangs on top of the skyscrapers he remembers his old life and clutches the hourglass as his story was engraved in it.
  • Dor tells himself his life story once again.
  • Sarah plans to give Ethan the watch but he has not responded to any of her texts.
  • Dor gives Victor his time piece. Dor says something that unnerved Victor

The man looked down for several seconds. Then he flashed his eyes straight at Victor. “I heard you ask for something when you were a child. Then as now, you wanted time.” (p. 129)

“We all yearn for something that we have lost. But sometimes we forget what we have.” (p.133)

  • Sarah wants to engrave something on Ethan’s watch. She trusts that Dor would do it as she feels comfortable with Dor.
  • Victor remembers both of his parents who died shortly after one another. It made him feel angry.
  • Grace is pained that Victor wants to stop dialysis.
  • Sarah asks Ethan out on New Year’s Eve.


Conflict between Grace and Victor – Another display of their conflicting views, Victor wants to end his days early by stopping dialysis while Grace is being the good wife and trying to prolong her husband’s life.

“I’m stopping the dialysis Grace”

“Why?” Her voice was shaky. He could tell she was crying… He said it now, a true sentence for a false reason.

“I don’t want to fight,” she whispered. ” Just come home.” (p. 134)

Literary Devices:

personification Dor mentions that he is waiting for two hands to come home. Hands pertaining to the clock but he really meant the hands as Sarah and Victor. Sarah and Victor is his ticket for his way home.

A clock shop. And he waited for tow hands to come home. (pg. 108)

Quotes :

(Theme: Love) Sarah’s undying love for Ethan-

Sometimes when you are not getting the love that you want, giving makes you think you will. (p. 112)

Victor and Grace’s idea clash, Grace tries to prolong Victor’s life, Victor wants his life to end quicker. Victor also had to hide another thing to grace-

Finally he’d go home to Grace who would be waiting with another of her “healthy meals”… Here she was trying to stretch his meager days while he was planning for another century. He thought again about the pocket watch, how perfectly it had fit in his palm. He was surprised at how energized he was from the purchase, even though it was another thing he couldn’t tell Grace about. (p. 114)

Victor feels guilty for hiding stuff to grace –

Victor thought of her again and on how she knew nothing of his plan. He felt a pang of guilt (pg. 116)

Sarah starts freaking out when she hears the clocks ring. (p.120)

Dor realizes that memories are deciding factor of a person’s substance and how they see the world, also applies to Victor as he can get anything –

Dor could have taken anything he desired from this new world. But a man who can take anything will find most things unsatisfying. And a man without memories is just a shell. And so, there, alone, high above the city, Father Time held the only possession he cared about, the hourglass with his story. And once again, out loud, he recited his life. (p. 122-123)

(Theme: Love)The feeling of being wanted makes Sarah happy

She had been counting down the months to graduation until Ethan came along. Ethan, amazing Ethan, who dared to defy her verdict. He wanted her. Someone wanted her. She felt so grown-up now, having him as a boyfriend. She wanted to brag.

Sarah wanted something to be engraved on Ethan’s watch to represent how she felt about him –

Sarah wondered if he was kidding. “Time flies? You know, like, time goes really fast and suddenly you’re saying goodbye and it’s like no time passed at all?” His eyes drifted. He liked it. “Time Flies.”

“With you,” she added. (p.131)



If Dor was actually not Father time I think he’d be a very wise and cool person. I can imagine him being a therapists and being all like, ” What is bothering you today?” The scene at the clock shop with Sarah was actually hilarious and funny. It’s so typical for girls to feel happy when someone mistakes their crush as their boyfriend. But Dor mistook Ethan as her husband which is like  a big upgrade in Sarah’s point of view. Mistaking someone’s crush as their husband might be the biggest compliment that Sarah has ever received. The book is near its climax, I feel a little excited on what will happen. A lot of things are happening and all these questions are popping in my head. AGGGHH, it’s not as climactic as the hunger games or the walking dead but this book has its own charm. It’s too bad that Victor cannot tell his wife about his situation but I really do feel bad for Grace.

Letting Go: Chapters 55-59

Setting: Victor had organized his death and got his plan ready. Sarah is getting ready to confess her feelings to Ethan in front of Dunkin Donuts. Dor is just hanging around on top of a sky scraper.


Victor –  He continues to lie to Grace thinking that she would not comply to his wishes.

Sarah – Poor Sarah, she should’ve seen this coming. She feels abandoned, lonely, and depressed but who can really blame her, I feel like everyone would react the same way if ever faced with rejection. She continues to reject her mother, who is clearly trying to

Ethan – He rejected Sarah, he is so incompassionate, he would’ve at least replied more pleasantly and courteously to what Sarah had said.


  • Victor continues to hide his plans from Grace, although Grace believes what Victor said to her and accepted his verdict.
  • Sarah gave Ethan her gift, and before she could say, “I love you” she was down right rejected.
  • Ethan walks away as Sarah is infected with feelings of abandonment and loneliness.
  • Dor realizes that knowing something does not mean that you understand it. (p. 145)
  • Victor stopped the dialysis and he is slowly fading out, he asks Grace to attend their yearly tradition, the gala to try and make Grace happier.
  • Sarah holes up in her room and dreads everything that happened the previous night.
  • She opens her computer and discovers that everyone now knows what happened the night before.
  • She feels miserable and alone and starts thinking about suicide.


Loneliness – After Sarah confesses her love to Ethan, she was rejected and she felt abandoned and isolated from the world at that time, time stopped flying between Ethan and Sarah. (p. 143-144)

She staggered  forward. A heart weigh more when it splits in two; it crashes in the chest like a broken plane. Sarah dragged her wreckage back to the house, up to her bedroom, and down into a deep dark hole.

The aftermath of Sarah’s decision to confess her love to Ethan had made her feel more miserable than before.

She ran, shivering, in lightly falling snow, tears streaming down her face and hardening in the cold. There was no one to talk to. No one to comfort her. There was blackness and solitude and she was never, ever going back to that school again. (p. 152)


At Victor’s bed, Grace and Victor were discussing what would happen if Victor was to pass in the near future.

Each of them squeezed their lips tightly and Victor swallowed hard. He almost told her everything right then, that very moment, or you let it pass. He let it pass. “Me too,” he said. (p. 142)

Humans are always wanting more. Victor could do nothing against time while Sarah’s time has failed her. (p.145)

In the olden days, people took time to write sincere letters that are from the depth of their hearts. The fast-paced modern time has made sincerity lose its value and speed gained more. Speed meant more than the deep sincere feelings that one expresses to the other.

They took an evening to compose their thoughts, maybe the next evening as well. When they mailed the letter, they wrote a name, a street. a city and a country and they melted wax and sealed the envelope with a signet ring. Sarah had never known a world like that. speed now trumped the quality of words. A fast send was more important. Had she lived in an older, slower world, what happened next would not have happened. But she lived in this world. And it did. (p. 150)


New Year’s Eve and Stillness: Chapters 60-69

Setting: It is New Years Eve, Grace is on her way to the Gala leaving Victor behind. Lorraine is on her way to the dinner party. Sarah is getting drunk in her room. Victor is scheming his plan to fruition.


Tom – Sarah’s dad and Lorraine’s husband. I get the feeling that he never really liked his marriage as much as Lorraine and Sarah did. I get the vibes that he was not really sincere and happy in their marriage as Lorraine and Sarah was.

Lorraine had been happy that night. She’d taken lots of pictures. But when they got in the car. Tome wiped the snow from his hair and said, “Well, we never have to that again.” (p. 159)

Lorraine- I feel bad for her and Sarah, it’s always the guy who is a jerk. Sarah ended up just like her mother but she is taking this much more seriously than her mother. Even though Lorraine is miserable she still tries to love and has not given up on the world yet.

Sarah – She has completely given up on the world. She is just a girl she has only started her life and struggles and she is planning to kill herself because of a boy. Describes as one who wants too little time by Dor. (p. 164) Victor describes her as smart.  (pg. 173) Sarah became depressed when her parents divorced and this caused her to eat more and gain weight.

Victor- (p. 174) he rarely spoke about his life to strangers.


  • As Grace leaves for the Gala, Victor tell another lie to her  and he feels more torn and guilty than ever.
  • Lorraine leaves for a dinner party with her friends and Sarah plans to commit suicide the same night.
  • Dor is closely following Sarah and Victor around.
  • Victor is getting loaded up in the cryostat and Sarah is dying from monoxide poisoning in her garage purposely.
  • Dor stops time and saves them and knows and understand that it is finally the right time.

It is never too late or too soon, the old man had said. It is when it is supposed to be. (p. 162)

  • Dor stopped time to save both Victor and Sarah.
  • Victor wakes up and thinks that he  is in the cryostat.
  • Victor and Sarah cross paths for the first time and both of them met in the cryonicsc lab. Both of them are confused because they do not know whether they were dead or alive.
  • Victor starts talking about his life with Sarah. Sarah listens to Victor’s Story just as how Dor listened to Sarah’s misery. Sarah points out how Victor never told her wife what was happening.
  • Talking to Victor reminded Sarah of the time she used to talk to her parents. (p.  177)
  • Time started ticking for Dor when he stopped time for Sarah and Victor. Dor describes the situation to Victor and Sarah.


Broken people and broken clocks-

“I prefer them broken.”

“Why is that?” Victor said. Dor looked at the grain of sand in his fingers. “Because I’m the sinner who created them.” (p. 181)


“It is never too late or too soon” I like this quote. Things are always going to happen whenever it is supposed to happen. I like this quote, I think it applies to real life well I guess my life. I have never learned my lesson with things, I don’t think I can wait for long. When I want something or am waiting for something I can’t wait. I just want it right away. Whenever it doesn’t go the way I want it, I can’t really help but feel annoyed. Patience is something that is needed in life. It is a good lesson to

Future: Chapters 70-79

Setting: Time just stopped for everyone in the world while Dor’s started ticking. They are in a moment between seconds. Where time stopped.


Sarah- Victor feels that something had happened to Sarah and describes her as fragile:

Sarah was not like him, Victor thought. He was anxious to see how his second life would play out. But something terrible had happened to this girl. No matter how smart she appeared, she was fragile at her core.

Victor- He continues to believe that no love is worth the trouble.


  • Dor opens teh hourglass and spilled the sand in front of them. The sand did not stop from flowing. He asks Victor and Sarah to follow him.
  • Sarah follows Dor without question. Victor does not but Sarah’s pure plea (p. 187) convinces him to walk on the path of sand.
  • They arrive at a warehouse and Dor annnounces that they are in the future and no one can see them.
  • Sarah realizes that her death was as insignificant as her feelings because Ethan did not care about her death.
  • Sarah sees her mother grieving and she realizes how much her much really loves her.
  • Sarah realizes the truth on how she was never alone (p. 194)
  • Dor shows Sarah her near future while Dor shows Victor the far future.
  • Victor is starting to like Sarah as a person, this time he asks Sarah to come with him.
  • Victor sees his wife approaching his would be tank. He sees how Grace did not say any words this dead body,she just walked away.
  • Victor sees his future. Earth looked so different, there was not a lot of colour and people had big heads. It was also hard to tell men from women. He thought that his plan succeeded.
  • Dor explains to Victor why a long life is not a gift.

“I was wondering why you wished to live beyond a lifetime.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“It is not a gift.”

“And how would you know that?” Dor wiped his brow. ” Because I have done it.” (p. 202)

  • Victor realized that his plan failed and that he was just used as entertainment by the people. He had lost all his wealth and protection as new laws were put into place.
  • Dor collapses. Victor and Sarah sees his past and decides to help him. They continue to walk through the sand and arrives in present time where the clock shop was.
  • The owner of the shop describes Dor’ s story and on how his solitary confinement was a blessing. (p. 212-213)
  • Dor arrives back home to his time and Alli was still sick but alive. Dor stayed with her and he stopped counting.


loneliness Sarah had always thought that she was always alone. She was wrong, people who loved or admired her were always there for her. She just failed to notice. Now she knows the truth (p. 194)


“But they wanted you. time is not something you give back. The very next moment may be an answer to your prayer. To deny that is to deny the most important part of the future.”

‘What is that?”

“Hope.” (p. 195)


Sarah and Victor are both lonely and together they made each other feel better.

When we are most alone is when we embrace another’s loneliness (p. 188).

Sarah finds out that someone did acknowledge her presence and it was a surprise for her. (p. 191)

Another quote about time:

Ends are for yesterday not for tomorrows (p. 195)

“What are they all doing?”

“Watching your memories.”


“To remember how to feel.”(p. 204)

“There is a reason God limits our days.”


“To make each one precious.”(p. 206)

He explained how once we began to chime the hour, we lost the ability to be satisfied. There was always a quest for more minutes, more hours, faster progress to accomplish more in each day. The simple joy of living between sunrises was gone. (p.207-208) Dor explains how time has affected humans and how this has made us unhappy.

Epilogue: Chapters 80-81


  • Sarah was rushed to the hospital, Victor arrives next to her complaining of abdominal pain.
  • Victor stopped his plan and was not put in the cryostat because he whispered his wife’s name. His wife’s name was the key word to abort his operation.
  • Sarah graduated happily and Victor sponsored her.
  • Dor is back with his wife who is healthy and they enjoy the rest of their lives together happily.


There are so much things in life that we intelligent human creatures can be happy about such as family, friends and tv shows. But do we always feel thankful for these things. I think not, we always find something to be worried about or stressed about and more often than enough it’s always about not having enough time to like get something or achieve something. This book made me realize that, there are so many things in life that I should be happy for but do I feel happy for it? No, this is something that I need to change, I have forgotten that I have my family and good friends that support me. Because of me counting time, I became stressed and unhappy. Now I know what to do, I know how to wait.

Text to Movie Comparison:

There was a movie called in time, a couple of years ago, it starred Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. It was a movie about time and the currency in  that movie  was literally the passing seconds of our human moments. So the term, money makes the world go around was the whole idea in the movie. I think this book relates well with the movie “in time” because if that type of thing happened to us, time would control our daily lives. Time would control our lives more than how it controls our lives now. Running out of time in the movie would mean death on the spot while here in real life, if we were to run out of time we fail but we get another chance. People are sometimes so scared of failing that this lames them into thinking that it is the worst thing that could happen. I don’t think so, i feel like failing is a good thing because then you would know how it feel to fail and learn something from it.


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