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Why Am I here? – February 13, 2014

When I ask myself, “why am I here? Why am I in this institution called school?” I think that it is for the sake of learning the subjects that I love. Subjects that involve life, languages and biology. I remember when I was younger, I used to go to a different type of school ( A different type of school structure in terms of subjects) my worst subjects would always be the subjects that I feel indifferent about and my best marks always came from biology, languages, and gym. Hopefully learning about the things that I love would help me be happier in the future with a professional career related to it. I have always wanted to be a language teacher or elementary school teacher. I basically have always wanted to teach, I love children but I don’t think that I can be a teacher in this lifetime just because the job market for teachers is apparently shrinking. It might seem weird to say since I am only seventeen years old but I am so excited to have a child and teach him or her different things that my parents couldn’t teach me.

pathway to happinessSchool, in my opinion is a contradiction in itself. I think that school is a happy place that i go to everyday but then again it is also a stressful place that I am eager to forget once I step foot in it.  As weird as it may seem, I am actually pretty excited to go to school everyday since I know that I am heading to a future that is hopefully full of happy surprises. I go to school because I want to somehow reach a stable future. I am here at school because it is my pathway to achieving to my happiness.


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