Pieces of ourselves

Being alive and breathing is the best and the worst thing that ever happened to us. It is the best thing because we get to experience all these indescribable moments in our lives. We get to feel and express our opinions and do things that make us happy. I think that it was a blessing […]

Last Words in Yearbook

Back in October or November the yearbook committee in my school asked us to pick our last words/motto to be displayed right under our grad.  photo. I don’t remember what phrase I picked as my motto but it had something to do with honour and fairy tales… SERIOUSLY I’m probably not going to show my […]


From the way we humans destroy our Earth, manipulate other human beings and create these wondrous structures reaching new heights. One would think that humans are indestructible. If I was some foreign species unexposed to human actions looking from the outside, I would think that humans are very powerful in the case that they rule […]

What does a name mean?

I think names are sacred in their own way because it’s how we define and recognize people in our world if we were not to see their faces. Some people are named based on their parent’s likes for example, Porshe or Fendi. Some people are named because their parents found their name pretty and decided […]


There are some things that whatever we do we fail to understand. Some things we grasp faster than other topics, some topics we grasp way slower. I did not know that dyscalculia existed, I don’t think that it is as common and well-known as dyslexia but its pretty much the same concept. People with dyslexia […]