What is my purpose?

Compared to the other seven billion plus lives in the world my existence seems to be very insignificant. If I was to die, only the people who actually care about me would probably care. However no matter how insignificant my life is, I think that I have a purpose in life. I mean why else am I still alive.

I began thinking about my purpose in life not too long ago, because I have been searching for an answer as to why I am still living and breathing in this world. After the sad and happy episodes I guess I concluded that my purpose in life is to help other people and just share what I have with them. I always seem to have enough so I’m just like: “Why not share it, I guess its better to give than to receive.” Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to have everything that I have ever wanted and I guess when you have always had enough it is so easy to share.

I also think that the world is not fair, some people are smarter, more athletic and prettier than me yet how come they don’t feel happy? I still haven’t found the answer to this yet so I guess I’ll just leave it for later.

I always wonder why I am not dead yet, I mean of all the people who die everyday how come I’m not one of them? I could have been in a car accident and died with an internal brain hemorrhage or maybe end up dying in my sleep.  I figured that maybe its because I haven’t done enough in this world yet. Unlike most people, I am not afraid to die, if I was to die right now I would have no regrets. I think this is because I don’t do anything unless I actually mean it, excluding school work of course because that stuff seems to be mandatory. I always do things not because I want to suck up to someone but because I really want to do it. I also think that my life is borrowed it is not really mine therefore if I really wanted to commit suicide, I would be filled with the guilt of stealing someone’s gift away.

By making other people feel happy, I feel happy too so I guess until I die I’ll just keep helping other people. That is my purpose for now I guess.


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