Do cats really own us?

“Do cats really own us?” In this video they examined a baby, a dog and a cat while replicating a study during the 70s. The experiment studied each subject on whether they had an emotional attachment with their mother or owner. Babies and dogs did in fact have an emotional bond with their mother and owner. Babies and dogs have this bond with us because we give them comfort and security. They yearn for our approval and assuage. On the other hand cats don’t seem to have this sense of attachment with us and this is further demonstrated in the video.

Now I don’t think that it is accurate to deduce that cats do not have this attacment with us. The experiment was only run on 20 cats, now there are so many variables that can come with it. First of all the cats may not have been specially attached to its owner when the experiment was run. Second, the cats may have been raised differently than other cats; they may have been raised independently or with care. I may be naive by saying that animals have instincts just like how we humans too have instincts. We are in fact animals too. The only difference is that we can talk, have a higher capability with our intelligence and plausible thumbs. Just like every living thing in the world we would do anything to survive, we have needs. Cats have needs just like us, they need comfort and security so I don’t think that the experiment was highly conclusive about the nature of cats. It is only a stat for the twenty cats that they have tested, and not for the whole population.


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