Last Words in Yearbook

Back in October or November the yearbook committee in my school asked us to pick our last words/motto to be displayed right under our grad.  photo. I don’t remember what phrase I picked as my motto but it had something to do with honour and fairy tales… SERIOUSLY I’m probably not going to show my yearbook to my kids but is this how I’m going to remember what I’ve experienced and dealt through in highschool?

Picking the wrong motto/ phrase to describe myself was very idiotic of me. This is like branding myself with a tattoo like, “NO RAGRATS.” I am going to remember myself with some quote or phrase that I don’t even understand and it’s going to stick there forever.

That was a mistake that hopefully I would never ever commit again. With what I’ve experienced and felt during high school, I don’t think I’m going to describe it with a quote about honour or whatnot. If I could change it, I would change it to sayings that reflect what I have firmly believed in and realized this last four years:

1. Never Give Up

Seems cliché but seriously, I don’t think I ever was a good student in high school.. It was only this year where things got real and I finally realized that I really had to scrape and fight for my grades and other important stuff in life that I would need further down the line. I never really studied or did my homework, I only did enough to pass a course. I don’t even know how I did not fail a class because I rarely ever studied for a test. This year has been my hardest year yet, I have never stressed about anything my whole entire life except for this year. My mind keeps telling me that its useless to push through because I’ll fail anyways but there would always be something telling or reminding me that, “hey it is never too late, it’s better to try than to give up because at least this way, you know you gave it your all.” Cheesy but true.

2. Be better than who you were yesterday

I love to compete with other people but only if it brings the best out of both of us. When it comes to competitions, I go big or go home but there were some cases where I purposely tried to lose because it felt like I did not deserve the win so I gave it to the other party. ANYWAYS, I realized that whenever people fell short on some things they blame it on other people or some heavenly interruption that happened during their failed attempt to do something. It terribly annoyed me when people did this so I started learning that some things are actually my fault. I realized that it annoyed me to do worse than what I actually did before. At the end of this year I hope to do better than what I did last time. In all honesty, I am competing with no one but myself, I have this constant urge to do better than who I was yesterday, that other people actually do not matter.


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