What would you choose: If there was an accident..

There was an accident for sure you’ve lost or hurt one of your body parts that it is beyond repair. Which one would it be? Which one can you bear to lose or in this case sacrifice if it means living again. Here are your choices:
(a).Your ability to walk
(b).Your ability to think
(c).Your ability to use your arms
(d).Your ability to see
(e).Your ability to hear
(f). Your ability to speak

This is one of the questions that randomly enters my head and now I’m just like, “hmm, ok.”

If I was to pick, I would choose to sacrifice my ability to speak because I think I can do without my voice. I may be voiceless but I can still communicate with other people through my body language, through paper and through automated voices. I may not be able to say what I want right away but in some shape or form I would still be able to deliver my message. Also, the only thing that I have lost is my ability to communicate easier, its not like my life is lost. I think losing my voice is a small price to pay for my life because I can still function as an able bodied human being without my voice.

However, if I was to lose my ability to walk or see then I would probably be devastated. I love sports or moving around or exercising that without it I would also probably die. (LOL either way even if I didn’t like doing those things I would probably be obese and die of a heart attack). Now losing my ability to walk is a big price to pay for my own life. Also, I would be very dependent of other people which would cause me more distress so I guess if I’d rather lose my life than lose my legs and live on.

I don’t know if I would actually mean everything that I am in this post because if we were all faced with this situation in the time of our death or accident. Very few would be able to think clearly and we would all probably spaz out and freak out.

In conclusion the cheapest price to pay for our lives is the loss of our ability to voice out our opinions or sing our hearts out.


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