Book Review: The time keeper by Mitch Albom (SPOILER)

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

This book was actually not that bad. I noticed that the way he wrote the time keeper was very direct that even a 10 year old would be able to read it and get the message if they actually thought about it. This book actually did not have a lot of pages; about 300 pages to estimate it. The funny thing is even the pages did not have a  lot of words put into it, a message was delivered to me.

The message of the book was to stop stressing about time and just enjoy and cherish everything that we have now. Some people do not notice that the more they try to control time and manage it, the more they are controlled by time. Time
makes these people stressed and tired. Time makes these people forget about their loved ones, time makes people forget about the things that they have now.


There was a part in the book where time stopped, and Sarah and Victor went back to their past and onward to there future . They realized all the things that they were missing such as their wife and mothers. They also realized how much hurt they have inflicted to the people close to them by selfishly killing their own self. I may be just reading too much in between the lines but I think this was a good contrast by Mitch Albom. In that moment in time, time was not ticking, it was not moving, it was stopped down. Sarah and Victor realized all that they have missed by thinking about their own time. Ironically, time around them did not move and that is when they finally realized all the things that they  have been missing.

I would not jump out in a bookstore and fight for this book if it was the only one left in the bookstore. But it is worthwhile to read.


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