From the way we humans destroy our Earth, manipulate other human beings and create these wondrous structures reaching new heights. One would think that humans are indestructible.

If I was some foreign species unexposed to human actions looking from the outside, I would think that humans are very powerful in the case that they rule over everything on earth. The only thing stopping them are plagues and unwordly natural disasters.

But this is not the case, in the modern world we find that we are more attached to materialistic things. Things that were once so simple are now deemed complicated. Everything that we do now, unconsciously affects everything that we are and everything that we do. This is what makes us fragile.

Why do people think of committing suicide? Why do people commit suicide?

Everyone has different reasons to why they consider or even commit suicide. The reasons may be considered simple or stupid to other people outside a suicidal person’s mind. But sometimes those reasons are enough to drive someone to death.

They say that it is very common for people to think of suicide, I think this is true. Suicide is an easy way to get out of life and its hardships but suicide is also an easy way to miss all the lovely little things in life.

From what I have experienced, people who I have known, planned to commit suicide because they do not know what to do with their life. They are tired and purposeless, because of this they have no commitment to live further on. They either don’t have anyone their to support them in their daily treks or they are just completely alone. These reasons branch into less complicated things but that does not matter because these are the reasons that causes someone to consult the idea of death.

I think people who want to die are poor in some things, it may be love or happiness or even money. We humans are very fragile. There are times when we feel very indestructible but there are times where we are so battered and tired. We are
as fragile as a leaf trying to hold on to its branches one windy fall night. It only takes one breath of wind to make us let go and fall to the ground.



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