What does a name mean?

I think names are sacred in their own way because it’s how we define and recognize people in our world if we were not to see their faces. Some people are named based on their parent’s likes for example, Porshe or Fendi. Some people are named because their parents found their name pretty and decided to use that to describe you. Either way our names are what we are and who we are. It doesn’t restrict us to certain characteristics but hey our name is our name and its ours. We might have identical names that we struggle to make our names unique but what can you do right?

First of all, I thought my name came from the bible and it did but the way my name is spelled came from my great-grandmother. My grand mother’s name was Catalina. Hence my two first names.

I am interested in what things mean and came across what my name meant. It turns out my name meant Bright Light or bright one, Pure, Easter or born in Easter. My parents gave me a lot of names just in case I didn’t like to be called by one of them. I thought that this was quite funny just because it made me like my name more or maybe I just got used to it lol but who wouldn’t get used to it when they are called the same thing every single day.



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