Sunset Limited Book review

I would rate The sunset limited as a 3.5 out of 5 just because it’s not my cup of tea but overall its a pre
tty good book. In the book there were only 2 characters; black and white. Page after page the story revolves around black trying to convince white to stay in his apartment. In the book there were a lot of hints which pointed to White being dead. Such as how White didn’t see anyone in the train platform when he jumped but Black pulled him back. White does not know that he is dead. Both characters might be in purgatory and Black might just be trying to save White from going down to hell. In the end Black couldn’t stop white from leaving his apartment (Maybe Black’s apartment was the purgatory.)  Black cries and asks God why he couldn’t give Black the knowledge or words to say to save White. Slowly the sun rises in the horizon and the play ends.

I think the ending was fitting for the whole message of  the play. The message I interpreted was that God does not give anyone exact answers because he wants us to realize our own thing. Just like how he said to Adam and Eve that the tree of knowledge is not to be touched. That was some reverse psychology in my opinion, because when you tell people to not do something, they tend to do it more. So by God saying, not touch it he may actually want us to do it.  God wanted us to realize our own mistakes and he probably hopes that by learning our mistakes we would become wiser. By becoming wiser we would realize that God is the way and through him we are saved. Maybe this is the whole message that God wants us to realize.

I also think that having the sun rise at the end was also very appropriate because even though the play ends with a question, the sunrise has a lot of different meanings that come with it. Firstly I think that the sunrise symbolized hope. A new day means that we can walk away from what happened the day before and start anew. I also think that the sunrise was God’s way of saying that Black did not fail at his task of trying to save White. Black might have thought that he failed but I don’t think God thought that, because his response might be the sun rising. This might’ve meant that God still has hope for Black and there is always a new tomorrow, a new start for people.

Nothing God says is direct or specific, the way we choose to interpret or do things is all on us. Whether it be good or bad, it is our own responsibility.



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