There are some things that whatever we do we fail to understand. Some things we grasp faster than other topics, some topics we grasp way slower. I did not know that dyscalculia existed, I don’t think that it is as common and well-known as dyslexia but its pretty much the same concept. People with dyslexia have difficulty with words and letters such as reading and writing, while people with dyscalculia have difficulty with any arithmetic processes or doing math.

I don’t think that it their own fault that they are bad at calculating math or bad at reading or recognizing words, maybe they just were not born to read or do math. When people are usually bad at doing something they usually excel at other things. From what I’ve read, most people with dyscalculia have a really good imagination and are very creative because their mind has more space to be creative and just let loose.

I think that this is the case with my brother. I hope that he does not really have dyscalculia because I really wanted to teach him math but if he does, then that’s okay too. I just can’t help notice his difficulty with telling the time with an analog clock or his struggles with Math. Maybe he is just slow at understanding time that way but there won’t be digital clocks all the time. It worries me, but then I guess he can be educated more on the creative side which I think is a huge plus. Also, he might be one of the few people who are not burdened by counting. Ignorance is bliss, that is indeed the case when numbers are not a  huge part of someone’s life.


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