Who is this kid?


So I have been wondering who this kid for the longest time.

NOW I KNOW. I somehow feel liberated knowing who this kid actually is because she has the funniest reaction.

Her parents just told her sister that they’re going to disneyland.. and this was her face. Her face has been photoshopped into A LOT of pictures and its hilarious, just like the one shown here.. LOL.

I personally have not been to or even near Disney Land but if my parents told me that I was going to Disney land, I would be jumping up and down, cry and then laugh hysterically because Ill be so excited. Just like Chloe’s sister. I understand that Chloe is pretty young so she probably does not know the wonders of Disney land but still her reaction was hilarious. Maybe inside her head, she was just like, “Uh.. why are you crying, you’re over reacting on this thing.”

The last time I cried when my parents said something was when they said that they were getting me a dog.. Sadly they didn’t because my brother soon had an allergic reaction with dogs but that is not the point. The point is Chloe’s face is just plain hilarious and I guess people do make that type of face when they couldn’t really care less about something and she is so cute!!




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