What happened to my favourite shoe?

People always seem to blog about their family or their situation so today, I chose to blog about a thing.

If I was ever to choose an object that I can bring to a foreign planet because my memory would be erased and I need an anchor that can retain or remind me most of my memories. I would choose my “kung fu” flat happy feet. The brand of the shoe is happy feet. And it’s the most comfortable shoes ever. They’re like bobs or toms but way durable. They’re also breathable which prevents my foot from sweating and contracting athlete’s foot.

I always believed that good shoes take you to good places. I had a good shoe, key word “had”, I believe that it was one of the best shoes I’ve ever owned in terms of quality and comfort. The shoes were indestructible except for one thing, the hand sewn soles.

It was one rainy and gloomy day at school, but everything seemed to be working for me that day. I got a good mark on my test, I found a funny joke that I couldn’t help but think about. I don’t know something was just good that day but you know what they say a little sunshine then rain will come. I think that is a saying or maybe it was the opposite. Gum is one of my pet peeves, especially when people start chewing it like a cow or a goat chewing grass. I don’t need to hear you chew or smack your lips together like a barn animal because most of the time the food that these people chew fall out of their mouth. I find this very annoying but it annoyed me more because someone chewing gum ruined my shoes.

What are the chances of someone “accidentally” spitting out gum and it landing on the soles of my shoes? That day it was highly probable that a piece of nasty gum chewed by another person was going to land on the front of my shoes and stick furiously on it. So the gum did stick and the person was all like, “OMG, let me remove it for you.”

First of all who does that? Most of the time people would just be embarrassed say sorry and walk away but this time it was different. The person tried to take my shoe away from me and succeeded, I don’t know how. She started hacking at the soles with scissors and hence my shoes were ruined.

My day was perfect until someone ruined my perfect favourite shoe.



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