Are we our brother’s keeper?

Should we be responsible for other people? strangers that we have not talked to or known? Should we be responsible for the other?

My answer would be yes, at a certain point we are responsible for other people. Nothing in our world is permanent, everything always changes. As such is the fragile social economical  stature of the world. Right now I or you may be at the top of the world but there would come a time where we would have nothing to call ours. It is the circle of life, no one is exempted to this,  There would always be a king but no one stays a king forever. Today we can be CEOs of companies, tomorrow we can be those same beggars that we ignored today. No materialistic object to call mine, no broken cell phones to whine about or no dress to wear for the next party to stress about. We have become so shallow, we have become stuck to our materialistic vices. I haven’t experienced much of life and I might come off as a fool and have no right to saying such of these things because I haven’t experienced anything like other people have. But then what difference does it make because people who do have the experience and the memories of how bad things might have been for them, don’t do anything.
I feel like I am my brother’s keeper because I dont like the thought of someone experiencing what I have experienced and having no one there to help them. In a way, I am responsible for others because it reflects back to me. What if I’m the one who needed the help? What if I’m the one who just needs somebody? What if? Of course I would want someone to be there for me and help me when I need it. This selflessness that I feel makes me responsible for my brother.


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