Why care?

Why should I care if I have friends, I don’t need them.

Why should I care if anyone will ever love me, I am fine by myself.

Why should I care about anyone else but me? No one has my back except me, myself, and I.

The world is such a weird place. For one to receive something, they have to give, but what if one keeps giving but one does not get anything back. Most likely that one will revert inward, away from everyone. That one will start to have all these negative thoughts. That one will shy away from everything, build her own walls, fortified with a steel shield around one’s heart. What does that one do to feel happy? That one does not do anything to feel happy, one tries, but one cannot. That one’s fortress has one trapped. That one’s heart is sealed shut, that one cannot escape, one can only wallow in despair.

That one walks the bustling streets, filled with people. That one walks to work and back. That one tries to say hi but that one cannot. That one thought that one was just protecting oneself, creating a defense mechanism. It backfired, this defense mechanism became fear. All these questions rumaging through one’s head, “What if? What if not?” That one nows hesitates to communicate.

I’m fine, I’m happy by myself.

I’ve got a house, a job, I love my life.

I don’t need to talk, because I am the only one who needs to hear my thoughts.

As humans we yearn for much more than materialistic things. As humans we yearn for much more, something that we never had before. This little thing can be the difference on what makes us happy or what makes us sad. That one denied something that one could probably never live without, the feeling of companionship and friendship. To know that one is not alone, because of all the negative thoughts that live in one’s head sometimes makes one forgets that there is someone that is always there for them. That other one may just be as shy or reluctant to show. But the thing is the other one knows that what happened to oneself was harsh that he or she would not like anyone to experience what she or he did. The little things can make a difference in a person’s life, words are not needed to be said to show that one cares for the other and that one is not alone. A little nudge on the shoulder or hug would do because those little things are sometimes all that is needed to make someone’s day turn right side up and patch up all the negativity that used to reside in one or the other’s heart or mind.




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