The Scale of Life

Suffering and happiness has a very thin line that separates it, it’s just like love and hate. In my opinion how do you know the other if you’ve never met it? How do you know happiness, if you have never suffered. How do you know if you have succeeded if you have never failed?  Just as how do you know that you’ve learned something when you have never made a mistake in life? I don’t know if I have watched too much kung fu or martial arts movies or read too much stories pertaining to the idea of having a balance in life but I believe on how the world exists in a yin and a yang. Everything in the world is on a scale, one side of the scale may weigh all the suffering and negative things that happen in the world. The other side may weigh all the happiness and positive things that we have in our life. I think this scale exists because one part cannot exist without the other. Just as how suffering or the negatives cannot exist without the happiness or the good.

My view in life is very optimistic in a way that it is almost unrealistic. I guess I’m delusional but I feel like the more I suffer in life, the more I’ll feel happy when I acquire my happiness. At the moment, things have not been going well lately but I know that there is another side to this. There is always something good coming out of things. I guess I got my wish, the wish that I had to work hard to get something. With great suffering comes great reward, I might not have that reward right now but there is something I know I have acquired and realized that no matter how much storms and disasters fall on me. God is just preparing me for something better, he always has his way of doing things. Life was not that bad when I realized this, plus I know that when the time comes for me to snatch my reward. I know that I would feel great relief and success because I know I worked hard and I earned it.


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