Paranoia: What if the World Ends?

2014 has not reached its halfway point yet and most of the books and movies that I have watched and read are the apocalyptic ones where the world is ending. Aliens are either invading the earth, 7 feet carnivorous plants are roaming the earth, or a scary virus is making everyone have  zombie like symptoms. World War Z, The Day of the Triffids, or The Walking dead are well made post-apocalyptic medias that don’t really scare me but it leaves ideas in my head. What if the world ends right here right now, would I be prepared? Will I survive? Am I strong enough?  It makes me paranoid, it’s like once you see a point of view that it can happen it stays there and it never goes away. The notion of the world ending does not leave my consciousness or even my sub-consciousness, it may not happen right now but it may happen in the future. It might make me seem crazy but I’ve prepared some “emergency things” that can aid me just in case something bad happens:

  1. I try to run at least 2 km for at least 4 days a week to build up my stamina. (What if I have to run away from like zombies?)
  2. I have a dull small katana ( a wakizashi) and a hammer under my bed ( still, this can apply to everyday life, what if someone breaks in my house? of course I’ll call 911 first but then what if I have to defend myself?)
  3. Solar powered hybrid flash lights, matches, candles, hatchet,  flint, batteries, a small sturdy pot and an emergency aid kit in a backpack ( These are needed anyways , what if a storm comes?)
  4. I hope seven years of practicing different types of martial arts will prepare me for a fight just in case. ( I’m a girl, I NEED to protect myself).
  5. Water bottles and bottled water stacked in my basement.
  6. Liquor and hand sanitizers (what if I need an anti-septic?)
  7. Medicine ( I  have a pretty good immune system but what if?)

Some of the things here are for emergency whether apocalyptic or a natural disaster. I have to be prepared, I don’t like being unprepared because then I have to rely on other people. When everything is said and done, at least I have my own back if no one has my back.

Now what would you do if the world ends?


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