For the love of Music

I have a passion for music, I love music but not the kind of love where I surrender my  whole time enhancing my musical skills. I only love music to the point of where I can turn on the radio, stare out the window and start to drift off. Music is a hobby, not a chore so even if I was a musical genius I would never use it as a job or as a source of earning money. It would only be a pocket full of happiness for myself to enjoy whenever I want.  So if I was to be compared to those who aspire to be singers or great pianists my love for music is only a grain of sand. I would never use music as a means for money because then It would start to annoy me, music would turn out to be a chore that I have to do so I can start earning money. Music is something for myself, unrestricted, not bound to a time or schedule that I have to follow,  it is a sound that makes me happy.



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