The Grueling Process of Picking a Book

How time would look like if it materializes in person and reminded me that I cannot waste time. It would always be in face pointing at a clock.

It took me the whole week of March break to pick which book, I wanted. It was such a grueling process, since there are so much books in the world that I would love to read but there just isn’t much time.. Another pet peeve of mine. Last saturday, I finally narrowed it down to two books which I totally judged by its cover; one was The Night Circus and the other was the time keeper. I didn’t know how each book would turn out since summaries never really do any justice for me, I don’t find summaries helpful at all because sometimes it is misleading. Sometimes the summary would be well-written and it entrances me to read it but then the book proves to be less satisfying. On the other hand a book can have the best storyline and characters but have the least descriptive summary that I have ever seen. Picking which book to read is so hard because I can only pick one, but then again maybe I’ll do a reader’s journal for every book I read from now on. Soon my room would be filled with journals of all the books that I have read, maybe most of them would not be as detailed as I do now but my thoughts would be there. As I have previously mentioned the process took 5 days! 5 days! Now who has that much time to pick a book… I guess I do aha. the time keeper was the book I chose because I judged it by its cover, time always worries me and this book worried me with all the pocket watches it had on the cover. When something worries me it makes me do work to make it not worry me so that’s how I knew that this book was the one. I have had enough of traumatic books for the semester. I decided that I would like to have a more pleasant life “lessony” kind of book and I chose the time keeper. The funny thing is, I judged this book by its cover, I didn’t know who this author was nor what type of books he writes but then my friends said that this author was the life “lessony” type which is a big coincidence. I cannot wait to read this book about time, time which stresses me out. I hope this book gives me some comfort that my time is not running out yet.

Time from one of my favourite comic strips, Zits.


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