JOBS! JOBS! nowhere… to be found

There was a time when I thought that getting a job was easy. There was a time when I thought that by just handing in a resume I would get a job. That was of course when I was young and clueless. At the moment, I find it very hard to find a job that is near where I live, most of them are far away but I guess great sacrifices comes great fortune or something like that. Still, I see that no matter how hard or how many resumes I send out to employers I find that no one would take me as their employee. If only getting the job was so easy like I once thought, if only the job market was just like futurama, they scan you for your skills and they assign you a career or job. This somehow lowers my self-esteem but all I can do right now is just wait it out till I get lucky and finally get a job. I don’t really care what job I get because whenever I get something in return I learn to love it. I am not picky, any type of job will do but how come I haven’t landed any job yet? Is it because the right one for me has not been decided by the man upstairs? Oh, I do hope so because if that is the reason then I am willing to wait but I am human, I cannot wait forever. Time is ticking but whatever will be will be.

I don’t know what the bible verses directly mean because I have not read that far yet but the idea of a career chip is there.


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