The Egg Response

The Egg

By: Andy Weir

While reading this story, the only word that was visualizing in my head was, “WHAT?” I read the story again.. and again.. and of course again. In the  beginning of the story I thought that it was about a game, kind of like Tamagotchi. You start with an egg then you eventually end up raising it to a mature monster or animal. I find this story, the egg a bit hard to grasp my ideas around, I mean there are so many interpretations or conclusions that can be said or thought about after reading it. But I think the story is pretty well constructed, it makes you think, it just does not give you the answer which I think is good. The last lines of the story kind of stuck to me, the whole universe is just an egg waiting to born. I don’t know what the right answers are, maybe there is no right answers just assumptions so I’ll just assume and say a lot of maybe. Maybe all our human lives are just a simulation leading to something better, maybe when we evolve to a stronger, intelligent, more advanced species. Maybe our lives today are just the inferior history that we need to compile and finish so that when we reach that superior state of being or mind, we can say that we are better. Maybe our life is just one soul, absorbing all the memories, all the knowledge and all the mistakes that we have ever done so that we can learn to never repeat them again. Maybe we have grown enough and ready to be hatched when we stop repeating our history.

In the egg, it was mentioned that there are only two people in the whole universe, “him/God” and us. We think that there are a million people in our earth but the truth is, there is only one of us, there is only one soul. Whenever we hurt anyone, we hurt ourselves, whenever we make someone happy, we make ourselves happy. I think this concept is true, we might all think that we are different but in reality we are pretty similar. We might have different values but it all revolves around the self, our self. In my opinion this idea makes us more similar than we think. Unconsciously, every time we hurt someone we hurt ourselves too, why? Because we see a part of us in someone else and that is what makes us one soul. In a sense, we are one because we see ourselves in each other.

“No. Not yet. You’re a fetus. You’re still growing. Once you’ve lived every human life throughout all time, you will have grown enough to be born.”

“So the whole universe,” you said, “it’s just…”

“An egg.” I answered. “Now it’s time for you to move on to your next life.”

And I sent you on your way.


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