Friday Adages

So I recently came from the doctor’s office and I’ve noticed that this doctor is somehow different from all the other doctors I’ve had; He had two framed paintings ornately crafted and within those paintings was something wise. Well I think it is anyways.. They say to always expect the unexpected, I never really caught on and rode that motto or belief because I think it’s stupid. How can I expect something that I don’t know? Today I saw something that is along the lines of expect the unexpected but not quite, this one is more accurate. It is Murphy’s law, “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.” Murphy’s law was longer in the painting but I forgot to document it in some way. I stalked the internet today to know more about Murphy’s law and found that most people in chat forums, discussions or some random website believe that those who abide in Murphy’s law are pessimistic. In my opinion, those who agree with Murphy’s law are not pessimistic, in fact I think they are optimistic, and prepared. They prepare for the worse therefore they cannot be pessimistic about what can happen. They can only expect the good things that will come of it. I guess going to the Doctor’s office is not bad after all because now, I think I’m one adage wiser.

Mind Mapping



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