What’s in that room?

I found this book called 365 writing prompts


which I got from wordpress, so I will never run out of things to blog about in this site. Unfortunately it might make me seem narcissistic because from what I’ve seen, this ebook always asks about what I would do or what I would think, but I believe that, that’s not the case. But then again, from what I’ve heard, we tend to overestimate ourselves when we try to analyze our behavior. 

1984 – You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in that room.

In that room, there would be all the money, toys and books that I have ever wanted but there would be no one else in there but me. My greatest fear is to finally have all the materialistic objects in the world available to me but there would be no one in there with me to share it. It would mortifying If I woke up everyday of my life with no one to talk to, I think a house is not a home if it has all these rooms but all of the rooms are empty and untouched. As ironic as it is, I’ve realized that money is not everything in the world but ever since I was a kid, all I have ever had was money. Looking back from my childhood, I was always sick and cooped up inside my house, the sad thing is I had all these toys and books but I had no friends to share it with. There were a lot of children in my neighborhood but they were always hesitant to play with me, I would like to know why but I never found out. So I stopped trying and just created my own fortress of solitude and learned, read and played with me, myself and I. I do hope that my future holds something happier, because I feel happy when the people who surround me are happy. I would say that my deepest fear is being alone in a room with no company because all my family and friends are gone. Life is always unpredictable and unexpected but I just don’t want everyone I know dying on me, if it can be helped. Money and time always passes by but the memories or feelings attached to the people you love are always present and irreplaceable.



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