Happiness for someone else.

Certain situations have been happening around me and it makes me wonder  why people can’t be purely happy for someone else. I find that when someone does something, or achieves something that makes themselves feel happy, certain individuals lash out and express their “helpful” opinions. In more ways than one, the opinions that these certain individuals give are unnecessary and hurtful. There is no need for us to  judge or critique them for what they have done. Most of the time we come to hurt these people with our words. We might not know it, but most of the time, I’ve noticed that some people who have been subject to these opinions, feel hurt or at the very least offended.  It is not my right or anyone’s right to keep judging other people for what they do or what they have acquired. Unless they are judges in a competition or in court or a teacher who is giving constructive criticism to his pupil then I guess its okay. It makes me feel annoyed that these things happen to people who only want to be happy and its not like they destroy someone’s happiness in doing so. I feel that it is unfair because they do not harm anyone in doing or achieving something that they love, yet they’re the ones who are treated like garbage. I might just be over reacting but I just feel bad for these people, these people who just do things to be happy. If these criticism and judgement continually happened to me, I would most likely feel confused. If people continually criticized something that I love, for example reading or practicing karate then I would probably stop doing it and maybe end up hating it too.

I’m not saying that I never give these unnecessary opinions, but I do try my best  to stay away from it. I try my hardest to at least never say anything because  It’s not good and I wouldn’t want it done to me. I just wish that some people analyze what they say and think about they’re actions more. Plus, if they stopped criticizing and minding other people’s business they would have more time doing something else or  maybe even discover something that they love doing in the process. Why not just be truly happy for someone else because it makes them happy.

You can’t please everyone but hey you can ignore everyone and make yourself happy. 🙂


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