What’s important?

If I was to ever think things that I find important, it would automatically be my friends, and family. It’s never a happy moment when you lose someone you love, that is why I want to make everything count. They say that the littlest things are remembered the most when reminiscing about the past. It’s common knowledge that life is not infinite, Therefore I just want to make everything count. Hopefully when my time passes, I don’t have any remaining guilt or wishes left for me or other people.

As I have previously said, the littlest things are sometimes the most remembered, so even for just a little I want to be able to help people who need my help. I want the power to help people, in this world,  power is  money. I want enough money to help other people besides me.   To acquire that power, I need to at least graduate high school which isn’t really impossible to do but then there are always harder obstacles for me to overcome. When I overcome these obstacles I would have the power to buy time, which in my opinion is my worst enemy. I never have enough time to do things . These obstacles are needed to be overcome to achieve what is important to me which is having the power or  time to cherish every single moment with the people I love and just make the rest of my remaining years worthwhile and pleasant.


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